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The love of history extends to combining the message of hope from our Savior to historical events.  These include celebrations of historical importance in our churches to duplicating the faith of our frontier families as they moved west and camped together.  Here, the messages include a component of history to link our faith and our country’s dependence upon God.

Sunday morning in a tent church

Given at local Central Florida churches

Westview Baptist Church, Sanford, FL on July 1, 2012

The Lantern Revisited on July 1, 2012

Wekiva Presbyterian Church in Longwood, FL on July 4, 2004 and First Presbyterian Church of Apopka, FL on July 3, 2005.

It is given as a first person message where one of the signer’s of the Declaration of Independence, Caesar Rodney, is interviewed by the church pastor.

Freedom is Never Free – July 4, 2004

Wekiva Presbyterian Church in Longwood, FL on July 9, 2017

It is given as a first person message as Rev. Mather Byles, Jr., the Rector of the Old North Church at the start of the American Revolution.  Both sermon text and video are available.

Setting the Record Straight on July 9, 2017

Pine Castle Pioneer Days on February 25, 2018

Short Sermon given at the Sunday worship service in Cypress Grove Park, Orlando, FL

 Alafia River Rendezvous Sermons

Bridging the Gap – January 18, 2016

Why Was It First? – January 18, 2015

Common Sense is Not So Common – January 19, 2014

It’s all About Love – January 20, 2013

What is a Patriot? – January 15, 2012

The Horn – January 16, 2011

The Lantern – January 17, 2010

A Song from our Savior – January 18, 2009

Did Jesus Camp with us This Year? – January 20, 2008

Fruits of the Vine – January 21, 2007

Gifts of History – January 22, 2006