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A New Study Series Called Shadows

On Lostpine, you will find 62 Bible Studies that came from our first series Studies. These were excerpts from a prescribed program done in early 2000. Our last series, Snapshots has just been ended. It had a 15 year run. There you will find 448 studies including a Biblical Directory to help you find what you are looking for. Snapshots were based on the Common Lectionary. Now, we are launching a new study series called Shadows. Shadows will look at those stories in our Bible that may not make the mainstream pulpits. It lets us explore those areas of Scripture that answer our curiosity as to “Why?” Shadows publishes each Friday.

All New Patriot Camp

Over the years, Lostpine has had the honor to present camps for children. They have been short, only a few hours, a full day and even a full week.  Some camps have event taken place in encampments where history is alive and well.  Please feel free to take advantage of our past experiences and use Patriot Camp for your own program.  As always, the use of our material is covered in our Privacy and Terms of Use.

New Format for TIPS News Letters

Lostpine has had a downloadable news letter for several years now.  It was in .PDF format.  The news letters were converted to web pages so the content is accessible by the “translation” features of this website and the content is now searchable.  Use the small icon at the top of any page [Print] to print, save to a .PDF or email the content of any page.

The Conversion is Complete!

The conversion to WordPress of our old website is now completed. It was similar to attempting to change a tire on a moving automobile. We used the .ORG domain as a temporary staging area and converted content from old style web pages to WordPress. Then moved the .ORG back to .COM thus completing the conversion. We hope to give you some link forwarding from the old site in the future in the event you saved any of the links to our original pages.

Our site is now “responsive.” You can size the content for any device from a full PC to a tablet all the way down to a smartphone. If you spot any places we tripped up in our conversion, please feel free to let us know where they are and we will fix them.


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